Al Pacino Rolling Stone Interview 1984

Al Pacino issue 414I was recently looking at some old 80s Rolling Stone magazines and found this issue 414 February 2, 1984. Duran Duran is on the cover of the magazine and Al Pacino, Dennis Wilson, and Hockey Legend Wayne Gretzky all have great articles inside. The title of the interview ( Al Pacino Has Something to Say ) a conversation with the closed mouthed star of “Scarface” By Larry Grobel.
The article started when Al Pacino got a call on November 8th about the death of Jimmy Hayden, Al Pacino was devastated about the loss of his friend as they worked together on American Buffalo. The interview was being done at Al Pacino’s country home looking out over the Hudson river, while he was suffering from a cold and feeling exhaustion. At this time Al Pacino was 43 years old and his live in mate, actress Kathleen Quinlan had true feelings for each other.Al Pacino Rolling Stone #414
The interview was starting with Scarface how they decided on the movie, how Al Pacino found his Cuban character it was unlike anything he played before. Who thought of turning it in to a modern story, and why was Brian De Palma brought in to direct? What happened with Lumet? Al Pacino was also asked Who are some actors you like to see? Starting with Meryl Streep and Julie Christie and Diane Keaton. I found it interesting that Al Pacino said when asked would it bother you if an actor said something negative about you? ” It always bothers me. I know Burt Reynolds said something about me. I was upset. I don’t know why he said it”
I could write for hours about this article but it would be more fun for you to find a copy of this Rolling Stone magazine or even look in the internet for a viewable copy.Duran Duran #414

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