Adele Talks Failed Marriage, James Bond & Why She Owns Céline Dion’s Chewed Gum in Vogue’s 73 Questions

Grammy winner Adele is an open book!

Adele recently participated in Vogue’s 73 Questions, going above and beyond by answering 95 questions, like her “proudest possession,” her choices to play James Bond, and her favorite curse word!

During her segment, Adele opted to wear a black tracksuit while giving a tour of her beautiful Los Angeles home. She quipped, “Typical Brit, wearing a tracksuit in 90-degree weather.”

On her home tour, Adele gave a look inside her “countryside” kitchen, her groceries, her relaxing backyard, and what’s on her desk!

When asked about her “proudest possession, Adele went to her desk and brought out a framed piece of gum that belonged to Céline Dion. She shared, “James Corden, who’s a friend of mine, but also does ‘Carpool Karaoke,’ which I did, he did it with her and knew how much a fan of her I was and so he made her spit her gum in a piece of paper and he framed it for me.”

As for her pick for the next James Bond, Adele’s first choice is “Lovecraft Country” star Jonathan Majors, but she noted that he is American. Her second suggestion? Idris Elba!

Adele also opened up about her divorce from Simon Konecki, admitting that “leaving the marriage” was the biggest risk she ever took. She also revealed the advice she would give to her 19-year-old self: “Your love life’s life going to be getting a lot worse.”

Adele also addressed the most ridiculous rumor she’s heard about herself, saying, “I think all the crazy rumors about my love life… since I’ve been single… none of it’s true.”

As well as promoting her highly anticipated album “30,” Adele said she is also “ready” to go on tour “as soon as possible." She emphasized, “It's all up to COVID, so keep wearing your mask and don’t be spreading that Delta and who knows!”

Watch Adele’s 73 Questions here to hear some concert horror stories, the advice she received from John Mayer after her throat surgery, her funny impression of Al Pacino, and what she would sound like if she sang her hit song “Hello” drunk.

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